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    NEON – The New Trend

    The bright flashy neon colors create a charismatic impression and make you feel stand out in the crows, and neon colours are already making its way onto the top fashion trends of 2019. The bright psychedelic color like neon green, orange and pink has been doing rounds on the runway and everyone seems to be fond of this color trend, making to the list of must-try fashion trend You can make quite a statement with these ongoing trend and you definitely gonna make an entrance, it’s hard to miss a flashy color like this. From eye makeup to footwears everything is covered in neon green. Adding neon colors into your…

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    Slick Summer Beard

    Well we all can admit that men with beard make girl’s heart go zoo and no matter how much we love them with their beard but becomes difficult to maintain in summer, but well nothing is impossible with an extra amount of care and zeal, so guys get ready to show off your cool dapper style with your luxuriant beard this season . Here are a few beard grooming tips you can use this season. -try to maintain manageable beard length for the hassle-free experience this summer. -clean your beard regularly with beard shampoo thrice a week. -moisturize your beard at regular intervals. -Keeping your Beard soft as it may…

  • Travel

    An Unexplored Saga: KANATAL

    Ain’t we all get excited in winters and pack our bags to catch some snow and head towards the hills well all delhites must have experience this and well i am really fond of the snow and the captivating mountain landscape . So this time I planned to go on a road trip to a small village in Uttarakhand  “ Kanatal ” an unexplored destination which is 2 hours drive from Mussoorie. I could have taken my trip to Mussoorie but i wanted to go to some place less crowded with more of silence and peace. The area where my hotel was located was much more above than the city…

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    Dayara Bugyal

      From last one month all i had been thinking about was the places that i would love to visit in my holidays and though I was excited thinking about them but in reality i hadn’t plan anything out but all i wanted was just to get away from the hustle bustle of delhi to somewhere peaceful and serene. Then one fine day of my boring holidays i got to know about a group in which 26-27 random people were going to some place called Dayara Bugyal in uttrakhand for trekking. In some sought of excitement i said yes for that trek, but sub-consciously i was scared and wanted someone…

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    What to Wear For a Day Wedding!?

    Dressing up has never been easy and especially so when mostly all the wedding functions are during the daytime. Usually, we girls struggle to look glamorous yet subtle at the same time which becomes all the more troublesome when it comes to attending wedding ceremonies. Sharing outfit ideas that are super affordable and classy you’d more than love trying the next time: 1:) Comfortable and easy to carry Because comfort matters:- whether it be dancing or sitting through long wedding ceremonials, comfort clothes always come to rescue. This easy-breezy sharara with jackets makes you look pretty and sorted. It is a perfect outfit to be worn at the time of…

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    All the young lads looking for oh-so-perfect beard. Beard has become one of the most prestigious things in a man’s life, it symbolises virility. With God’s grace I’m lucky enough to have beard with the perfect growth. But still it takes a lot of efforts to maintain the beard. I spend around 15-20 minutes on grooming of my beard on an everyday basis. Firstly I shape my beard every week by getting it trimmed the right way and secondly, it is essential to wash your beard with Beard shampoo and applying Beard softener to make it soft and apply beard oil daily to add shine to it. I use ‘USTRAA’…

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    4 ways to style the crop top

    Crop tops are the must have for any girl wardrobe, they are versatile and so every girl can figure out a way to carry this super trend in the way to match their fashion style and to the way they are comfortable in 1. With your favourite shorts Shorts are the perfect fit for spring and summer season, pairing your crop top with the denim shorts will give you the perfect look for the music concert, party or a casual hangout. 2.Pair it with your pencil skirt We might think that our pencil skirt is only reserved for office or some formal gathering or meeting. But pairing with a crop…

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    Healthy Broccoli

    Being the food junkie I am, I leave no opportunity to hop on the cheesy pizza, pasta and everything unhealthy, making it really difficult for me to maintain the healthy and balanced diet. But sometimes it becomes necessary to detox your body, but hello eating tasteless food doesn’t come to my list  Seeing my scenario, mom decided to jump in and she made a point to maintain the balance between my taste buds and nutrition value. So here I present you my go and now my favorite meal for dinner Steamed broccoli, the more boring it sounds delicious it tastes and on top of that it’s easy to make and…

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    Strawberry Smoothie

    Traditional day but taste buds demand something extraordinary, mind says strawberry smoothie Strawberry smoothie is a perfect drink to refresh yourself and to have healthy snack and it works as a perfect replacement for breakfast An easy three ingredients recipe that healthy and tasty Sounds like a great deal   Ingredients:- 1.) Strawberries 2.) Curd 3.)Sugar( if u want) Milk(optional) Procedure:- 1.) Add all the ingredients to a blender, and pulse until smooth. Serve and drink immediately. yummilishiously healthy <3  

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    Dessert First Please

    Love for desserts is eternals I recently had this superbly utterly delicious red velvet pastry. It was perfect a dessert to gulp on. Chocolate layers adding delectable taste to the pastry. “Life is short, eat red velvet”. Then I had this amazing fruit eclairs topped with kiwis, strawberries adding the perfect fruity taste to the dessert. The cream was delicious but the eclair part was a little bit hard to cut. Overall it was average in taste. I had both of these desserts from the food market in “The Chanakya Mall”.