A day in Amritsar

Hey, guysss!!!!!

Welcome to talk tales, join us on our roller coaster journey.We are super duper excited for our first blog so let’s get going, here we bring you a blog from our short visit to Amritsar.

Last week, I planned a one-day family trip
to Amritsar. Since it was a preplanned trip so we booked our tickets in prior. Since I’m one hell of a lazy person, getting and dressing up in the morning seems to be a huge task that too in in this chilly cold winter mornings. We had a flight at 8:30 in the morning and being the person I’m, we all made late to the airport almost to extent of missing our flight, you see old habits die hard. After all the chaos and havoc, we somehow managed to board our flight.While I wanted to sleep in the flight, but damn destiny had some other plans for me, all I hear was gossip mewling screams into my ears making it next to impossible to sleep. In an hour or so we reached Amritsar airport, then we boarded a cab for GOLDEN TEMPLE, we stood there in the cue for about 2 hours then we finally went inside. After that, we visited one more famous gurudwara simply just because mumma wanted to go.

But guys you see no Amritsar trip is completed without having a traditional lunch at “ Kesar Da Dhaba”.There we ordered my favorite Rajma Chawal, Alooo da Paratha, Missi Roti, Ghobi paratha, Palak Paneer and Dal makhani, everything was filled with oodles of ghee and ghee.Everything was tasty except the rajma chawal, it was plain and simple, nothing unusual about its taste.For all the fitness freak people, we all can have one cheat day after all who can say no to such tasty delicacies and the plus side to it was that it was a pocket-friendly restaurant, we ordered like 3 dishes,rotis, paranthas, and beverages was just 1000 bucks.




Then we visited the famous lassi wala in town“Gian Chand Lassi Wala”, lassi tasted like a drink of heaven.The food journey doesn’t end here we went to famous aam papad stall in the streets of Amritsar, where we had a famous aam papad wala “Ram Lubhaya Aam Papar Wala” and it was worth all the hype. Trust me guys onto this… Literally, it was the best aam papad I ever had.

Then we finally we boarded our flight back to Delhi.



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