Dayara Bugyal


From last one month all i had been thinking about was the places that i would love to visit in my holidays and though I was excited thinking about them but in reality i hadn’t plan anything out but all i wanted was just to get away from the hustle bustle of delhi to somewhere peaceful and serene. Then one fine day of my boring holidays i got to know about a group in which 26-27 random people were going to some place called Dayara Bugyal in uttrakhand for trekking. In some sought of excitement i said yes for that trek, but sub-consciously i was scared and wanted someone to say don’t go as I’m a homesick person. It was going to be one hell of a trip in which i had to get out of my comfort zone and cherry on the top was that it was my first trekking trip and it was long one. Firstly, i went to purchase some of the travel essentials which included trekking bag, waterproof jacket. On thursday evening at 7 all 27 people gathered at Akshardham metro station and waited for bus that we boarded after a long wait at 8:30pm. Crossing landslides, health issues of group mates, and long breaks in between we finally managed to reach at our starting point of trek exactly about a long 24 hours travel . The estimated time to reach there was 12:00 pm, but due to road being blocked we got late and our travel time got extended. Using torch light we trekked about 2 km in one hour we reached to our campsite where the stay for the night had been arranged, it was completly dark over there, only light coming was out of our torches. After relaxing for about 20 min our dinner was served and we sat near the bonfire and sing some soothing songs.After that I had sound sleep of 7 hours, only thing I was scared was where to go to washroom, anyway i managed like all the people there in tents. After that we had breakfast and we headed towards our next camp destination which was about 8km away . Sweating like anything in 5 degree was enough to tell that trek wasn’t easy.Finally we reached at our camps and some people decided to trek on some more bugyals (mountains) , i was dicey to go with them or not, but then i decided to go with them and after 30 min i was so proud of my decision, view which was no less than a dream view or wallpaper of our laptop . All we got to see there were horses, cows and silence, it was the perfect place for doing meditation. On seeing the view, i recalled the lyrics of famous song” ajj mai upar zamana hai neeche’, it felt surreal and was like a magical feeling being up at the top, swaying and listening up to the sound of winds, felt like walking with the clouds.It had been truly said that “ Perfect view comes after hardest climb” and i clicked some perfect pictures in that perfect view.

It was time for sunset so we headed back to out camps. Darker was the night, colder the wind and it was the coolest and darkest night. Obviously it was our last night in the camps and all 27 people left no stones unturned to make it one hell of a night, we sing all night in cold winds , only we were there and nothing else . then after sleeping for about 3-4 hours we headed back to the destination from where we started out trek and till the time I reached there i had a lot of memories and friends , im not sure that I will ever meet them again or not but thats for sure we all are gonna miss this wonderful trip. I chooses to let go of my comfort zone from staying at hotels with family to staying at camps with random people and from not being scared from leaving home to wanna go again .
Everyone should try trekking once in their lifetime if possible then you all must plan your visit to beautiful mountains like DAYARA BUGYAL…



    I am already in love with the place by reading about it in this blog and seeing these pictures!! U guys bring out some pretty cool places which i too definitely wanna explore and this one is surely going up on my places to visit list!!! From the information to everything this blog was pretty much everything i might need before i set foot in this place ♥️

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    ould – 3 these days after chichester

    apple choosing and i won’t have to wait to share them experiences approximately Blackbeard in addition to typical “boy foods” (i am not hooked on stereotyping any way i merely all the time loved buccaneer reports any was simple).

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