An Unexplored Saga: KANATAL

Ain’t we all get excited in winters and pack our bags to catch some snow and head towards the hills well all delhites must have experience this and well i am really fond of the snow and the captivating mountain landscape . So this time I planned to go on a road trip to a small village in Uttarakhand  “ Kanatal ” an unexplored destination which is 2 hours drive from Mussoorie. I could have taken my trip to Mussoorie but i wanted to go to some place less crowded with more of silence and peace. The area where my hotel was located was much more above than the city of kanatal. The Pine Queen was constructed a year ago and i booked it through online site “, they provide some real good deals . I am a fan of natural beauty and when I saw the unexplored beauty hidden in the mountains covered with sunlight and freezing air roaming all over my face , i fell in love at that very sight. It was my first day and I was already attracted to those mountains and that fresh air . Next when i woke up I saw the view which almost all of us would dream of watching . Yes I know the most important thing is good company but isnt it better if we have amazing roads with mesmerising view and this place is no less than heaven for your family holiday or to go out on a trip with your friends. I am sure the you’re going to miss the evening drive in mountains of kanatal until the next time you come again. Yes I wasn’t able to see the snow which I wanted but i guess I’ve seen more beautiful places and things which are still unexplored.
Best time to visit kanatal is June to September with 10-20 degree Celsius but if you want to enjoy wintery air then the best time to visit there for you is December to January having temperature as low as -5 degrees at night or you might experience snowfall if you’re lucky enough my mate
The park holds some amazing adventures there, from sitting area to swings that are gonna make you hit nostalgia and one cannot ignore the mesmerizing view from the top the park from where you can also get your amazing pictures to click too. The food stalls outside the park having Maggie, omelet, and corns are the perfect place to eat.
Well its the highest dam in India and needless to say going there was the highlight of my trip. The blue water and the mountains, well the view is literally to die for and cherry on the top they have water sports there so you can enjoy boat ride there and have fun enjoying the spectacular view.
For the time, when you are in the mood for just shopping, go and hit the mall road and hoard some cozy woolen clothes as a souvenir from your trip and get yourself clicked with an amazing background.
You can go for forest trekking and see the apple orchard garden in the middle of the forest and spend some fruticilous time over and enjoy the serenity of the place
On the way home there is a holy place just 3 hours away from Kanatal.
You just cannot miss out visiting this place. Best time to visit there is when there is ‘Ganga Pooja’ happening there at evening time and taking a holy dip in Ganga is pure bliss.


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